Dry ice

Smoking ice potions

Dry ice: a nice souvenir from our trip to the planet Mars. Kids will learn all about this mysterious, icy substance (-78°C) while taking part in several mind-blowing experiments: the Caribou song, the queen dance, geysers of Iceland, erupting volcanoes, jumping cap contests, bubbling witch’s brew, ghoulish pot… A magic show they’ll be sure not to forget!

Objectives at the elementary level

  • Distinguish between the states of matter (solid, liquid and gas)
  • Compare the states of matter of carbon dioxide with water (H2O).
  • Experiment with the sublimation of dry ice.
  • Use simple measurement tools (tong, dropper and graduated bottle).
  • Formulate hypotheses on the outcome of the mixtures.

Our needs

  • A sink must be available close to the areas where the animation activities will take place.
  • If there isn’t much time between activities, it is strongly recommended to set up the animation activities in the same area.
  • Six teams must be created before the science animator arrives.

Important information

  • This workshop is not available on Monday mornings.

Additional charges

  • For this workshop an additional fee of $ 67 + tx for dry ice will be added to your cart.
  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • In 60-minute workshops, if there are more than 5 groups on schedule, the workshops will be spread over more than one day and the transportation costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  •  Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.



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