States of water

Water in all its states!

The towel you used to wipe yourself with when you took a bath yesterday evening is dry this morning, but where did the water go? The answer to this fascinating question lies in the different states of water (gas, liquid and solid) and their transformations (sublimation, condensation, solidification, liquefaction, melting and evaporation/boiling), which we learn about together in our small, fun-filled workshops. Your little Lavoisiers are in for treat, turning water from liquid to gas, and then back to liquid! “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Recognize the three states of matter in water: solid (ice, snow), liquid and gas (vapour).
  • Describe the operations for changing water from one state to another (heat or cool).
  • Recognize that the total amount of matter is conserved when the form changes (e.g. 50 ml of water in a saucer or glass).
  • Describe the various effects of water quality on living things.
  • Describe the different forms of water (rain, snow, hail, rime, freezing rain, mist, fog, dew, cloud and vapour).

Nos besoins

  • A sink must be available in the class where the animation activities are taking place.
  • If there is little time between animation activities, it is strongly recommended to set them up in the same area.
  • 5 teams must be created before the science animator arrives.

Additional charges

  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • In 60-minute workshops, if there are more than 5 groups on schedule, the workshops will be spread over more than one day and the transportation costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.




Date extra

Each groups schedules and your wishes

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