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How do we make science interesting to youths?

Profaqua gave itself the mandate as an ambassador of science and technology by offering over 80 diverse and multi-purpose workshops and projects, while focusing on making the learning experience fun and entertaining. The team therefore seeks to break the mystery surrounding science and technology, which sometimes seems reserved for the experts.

How do we achieve this? A number of our workshops are 60 and 90 minutes in duration and various projects consist of three or four classroom meetings. These projects are strongly recommended since youths are given the opportunity to become more actively engaged. All animations are tailored to accommodate the school curriculum, while respecting the needs of the group or organizers.

Profaqua also adapts its animations to the specific needs of different events other than those relating to education, such as children’s parties, shows, day camps, organizational events, weddings, community workshops, daycare centres and CPEs, where the Profaqua team leads dynamic activities for youths.