Underground life (British Columbia)

The leaves are gone!

Have you noticed that that most of the leaves buried under the snow are not there anymore when spring arrives? Our biologists will learn about this phenomenon by participating in three fun experiments! They will become detectives to find the culprits of this mysterious disappearance! Once identified, they will observe under a microscope three of the culprits from our compost: springtails, mites and earthworms, which they will closely examine in their hands! An enjoyable and nutrient-enriched experience for young minds!

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Explain the scientific concepts of composting and recycling.
  • Identify habitats and animal species associated with these habitats (night crawlers, fungi and burrowing animals).
  • Describe how soils can meet the basic needs of living things.

Our needs

  • Six teams must be formed before the science animator arrives.

Additional charges

  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • In 60-minute workshops, if there are more than 5 groups on schedule, the workshops will be spread over more than one day and the transportation costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.



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