The 3R-RD

To the garbage can!

Recycling is great, but we can do so much more! The 3R-RD principle to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim will enable you to reduce half the amount of garbage going into your bins! During these two exciting workshops, we will learn how to properly use the recycling bin and then meet and/or handle the heroes of composting: earthworms! Let’s develop environmentally-friendly and healthy habits, against all odds!

 On the menu:

1) Recycling (60 min)

2) Underground life (60 min)

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Describe the 3R-RD principle (reduction, reuse, recycling-composting and reclamation).
  • Explain the scientific concepts of composting and recycling.
  • Classify items that are recyclable and non-recyclable.
  • Describe how the Earth and its inhabitants can meet the basic needs of animals and humans.
  • Describe the impact of waste management and pollution on the environment.
  • Explore different solutions to improve waste management.

Our needs

  • Six teams must be created before the science animator arrives.

Additional charges

  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • In 60-minute workshops, if there are more than 5 groups on schedule, the workshops will be spread over more than one day and the transportation costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.

290.00$ 270.00$


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