The five senses

Stimulate your senses!

Did you know that the umami taste is one of the five basic tastes? Which smallest bones in the human body enable us to hear? The five senses haven’t finished playing tricks on you! To stimulate the senses and learn more about them, your young scientists will take part in five fun and exciting experiments: use a spectroscope, magnifying glasses, mirrors and a kaleidoscope; handle our giant ear and build your own phone; try out our different flavours; identify our variety of fruity aromas and our mysterious, hidden objects. A workshop that’s a feast for the senses!

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Explain the functions of the five senses (taste, hearing, smell, sight and touch)
  • Identify odors, textures and tastes with their corresponding images.
  • Discover the hidden colours of light.
  • Experiment on the limits of the senses.

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