The laws of physics

May the force be with you!

Once upon a time, a famous scientist was sleeping under a tree and an apple fell on his head. Instead of crying out, « Ouch! » he said, « Hmm, this gives me an idea! » Your great physicists will fight against gravity and show off their skills in four construction workshops. They will learn about the concepts of converting potential energy into kinetic energy and damping, as well as the different types of simple machines (lever, inclined plane, pulley, winch, screw, gear, and wedge). Who knows? We may have another Isaac Newton hidden in our group of physicists.

 On the menu:

1) Kinetic energy (60 min)

2) Simple machines (60 min)

3) Egg drop parachute (60 min)

4) Catapult (60 min)

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Acquire a few concepts on the history of science (Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Edison and Franklin).
  • Describe energy transformations from one of its form into another (potential energy into kinetic energy).
  • Describe and experiment on the effects of gravity when an egg in plastic is dropped.
  • Identify and recognize the use of simple machines (lever, inclined plane, screw, pulley, winch and wheel).
  • Use measuring instruments (dynamometer).
  • Understand the different components in light (photon, colour, speed and wave).
  • Distinguish between the concepts of mass and weight.
  • Build a simple electric circuit with the following components: wire, power source, lightbulb and switch.

Our needs

  • 6 teams must be created before the science animator arrives.

Additional charges

  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • In 60-minute workshops, if there are more than 5 groups on schedule, the workshops will be spread over more than one day and the transportation costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.



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