Horticulture (British Columbia)

A garden in the classroom!

Take the challenge and grow legumes and herbs in your classroom! You’re in for a surprise with three workshops that will charm your little green thumbs! The will discover the world of flowers and how to produce soil enriched with minerals and they will use all the information provided to grow vegetables in mini- greenhouses set up in their classrooms. A true scientific study where new knowledge will flourish!

On the menu:

1) Underground life (60 min)

2) Flowers in the classroom (60 min)

3) Installation of greenhouse (ready for 30 days):

Delivery of greenhouse, seeds and potting soil, equipment installation and training instructions. Ideal for germination observation!

Objectives at the elementary level:

  • Explain the science of composting.
  • Describe how the Earth can meet the basic needs of animals and humans.
  • Describe the parts of the anatomy of a plant (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds).
  • Associate the parts of a plant to their general function.
  • Describe the forms of sexual reproduction in plants (pistil, stamen, pollen, seed and fruit).
  • Describe the stages of a flowering plant’s growth (pollination, fertilization, fructification, seed dispersal, germination and flowering).
  • Dissect a flower in the classroom.
  • Describe the difference between coniferous trees and leafed trees and present the characteristics of certain trees.
  • Describe certain defense mechanisms that trees have developed to promote their growth.
  • Describe the effects of urbanization and land development on trees and plants

Our needs

  • Six teams must be created before the science animator arrives.
  • Provide storage stage for the greenhouse.
  • Access to electrical outlets is needed.

Additional charges

  • Travel costs (minimum $ 25) based on distance apply.
  • Additional fees will be charged if there is a delay of more than 90 minutes between two workshops.



Date (Please provide at least 2 dates, and if you have any restrictions for certain days of the week.)

Schedule (Please provide the full schedule of your school classes and if you prefer morning or afternoon. Note that a minimum of 5 minutes is required between workshops.)*

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