When it’s easy, it’s boring!

Job Description:

Be up to date in your knowledge of the kit to be facilitated and on the scientific content.
Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the first activity in order to make contact with the person in charge, to obtain the schedule of events, to prepare the designated premises, to install the equipment, to have the documents necessary for the running of the event printed. activity, and bearings for unforeseen events.
Inform the manager of any anomalies found with the premises.
Animate according to the description of the activity.
Meet the objectives of the learning program.
Know how to highlight the scientific approach of each of the kits in a fun way.
Respect the values ​​and personality of the company.
Know how to manage time. (Do not exceed the allotted time).
Maintain order and discipline.
Take the time to conclude with a feedback on the activity.
Make quick transitions between different premises.
Ensure customer satisfaction and take into consideration the comments they provide.
Remind those in charge that there is a learning assessment test to check student understanding.
See to the transport and storage of equipment at the end of each activity.

Qualifications required:
Have a developed sense of organization.
Have a good ability to transmit information (know how to inform and popularize).
Have good interpersonal relationships.
Be responsible, reliable and punctual.

Requirements: Valid driver’s license (required), having a car (required), minimum one year work experience with children (required).

Languages: French and English (required).

Job location: In Quebec schools. (South Shore, Montreal, Laval and North Shore)

Type of position: Permanent, full-time (30 to 35 hours/week).

Salary: between $20 and $28 per hour

Benefits available: Life insurance, supplemental health insurance, dental insurance and drug insurance.

Allowances: $0.52 per KM traveled and $15 per hour by car.

Availability: From February until the end of the school year, June 2022.

Apply by email with a copy of your CV to: emplois@profaqua.ca