If you’re between the ages of 4 and 12, whether you are passionate about science or want to expand your scientific knowledge, this is the perfect opportunity for you to attend the most amazing science and robotics camp ever! Profaqua and its dynamic, skilled team are offering a summer camp for 2021, where you can discover really fun and entertaining workshops about the magic of nature, science, computer programming and robotics!


Come and spend one or more weeks with us this summer, and you’ll see how amazing and full of secrets the world of science can be.

Science Camp

Each week, we’ll introduce you to a different theme and each day will be filled with exciting activities:

  • For kids aged 4 to 12
  • 4 hours of super fun science activities spread over the week for ages 4 to 5;
  • 10 hours of super fun science activities spread throughout the week for ages 6 to 12;
  • 4 hours of super engaging programming spread over (Blue-Bot®) the week for ages 4 to 5;
  • 10 hours of super engaging programming spread over (weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8: WeDo 2.0 LEGO / weeks 3 and 6: Scratch junior) the week for ages 6;
  • 10 hours of super engaging programming spread over (weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8: LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3 / weeks 3 and 6: Scratch junior) the week for ages 7 to 8;
  • 10 hours of super engaging programming spread over (weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8: SPIKE ™ LEGO / week 3: PYTHON / week 6: Scratch) the week for ages 9 to 12;
  • Arts and crafts activities related to the week’s theme;
  • Sports activities, games, and park and water sports;
  • A high-level science show in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8;
  • And a one-off animation by a guest from the apprentice-sport program, during weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Week 1 (June 28 to July 2, 2021)

Theme of the Week: Where is Charlie?

Science Theme:  Forms of Energy

During this week, discover everything about the science behind forms of energy. You will learn about the concepts of potential and kinetic energy as well as chemical, electrical, nuclear and solar energy. During this same week, you will differentiate between mechanical energy (movement of a body) and thermal energy, as well as light (or radiant) energy. Physics will no longer be a mystery to you!

Workshop: Kinetic Energy, Static Electricity, Catapults, Lights & Lasers, Simple Machines and the Domino Effect.

Invited Activity: Micro-Magic (children ages 4 to 6) and Theater & Improvisation (children ages 7 to 12)

Robotics Theme: Forest Fire Rescue

Forest fires are a problem in Canada every summer. Have you ever seen what a forest fire can do? With their raging flames, they can destroy forests, both flora and fauna. Not only do they destroy animal habitats and plants, but they can also move very quickly towards a town and destroy homes. That is why a solution needs to be found quickly in order to spare the lives that would be affected by these fires. Not to mention the long-term, damaging  effects that these fires can cause in Canada. But not all is lost, because a custom challenge is waiting for you this summer! Yes, you read that correctly, we need you to help us build a robot that is able to battle against Mother Nature’s flames. You will have to build a robot that can plant new trees to restore the vegetation. So, if you are a big fan of robotics and you know that you have the right skills to be a part of our amazing team, we happily invite you to join us. Fires regularly destroy big parts of the forest. Sometimes, the fire comes close to a village, so people have to be rescued to safe areas. Fires start and spread in hot, dry weather. Climate change causes longer summers that are very dry. Canada has to deal with the growing danger. This year, the challenge is to make a robot that can fight forest fires and evacuate people to safe areas. Furthermore, the robot must also plant new trees to replace those that burned down.

Week 2 (July 5 to 9, 2021)

Theme of the Week:  Harry Potter

Science Theme:  Astronomy, Galaxies, Asteroids, Eclipses, Cosmology and Gravitation

A global adventurer. You are fascinated by the stars, galaxies, asteroids and how the planets work!  Come and prove it by participating in cool workshops covering everything there is to know about galaxies, planets and the solar system. During this week, you will learn more about astronomy. You will have the opportunity to become an astronaut and perhaps experience a trip through space in a rocket. You will be able to build the International Space Station (ISS) to scale. You can even test out a rocket by making it take off to visit the galaxy!  During this week, you will learn more about the planets and become an expert. If everything that is written here grabs your interest, definitely don’t miss out on this amazing week!

Workshop: Space Exploration, the Solar System, Moon, Mini Space Shuttle, Dry Ice, Construction of a Planet and How Astronauts Survive.

Theme of the Friday Show: Abracadabra!

Take on the challenge of understanding what lies behind our magic tricks! Objects that multiply or disappear, interwoven rings and even telepathy! Assisted by one of your young students, our magician will amaze you with a fun, spectacular show. Want to know the secret? Pronounce the words of the mysterious formula and we will teach you five magic tricks that you can do yourself: the three-rope knot, the three-hoop magic trick, the magic thumb, three glasses, rope and small ring. Now it’s your turn to impress your family!

Robotics Theme: On the Way to Mars

Prepare yourself for the conquest of space. Humans have forever been fascinated by Mars, the planet in our solar system that most closely resembles Earth. Unmanned missions have sent out satellites, probes and robots to explore the planet since the sixties, but what would it take to have a manned mission to Mars? Your mission: Program a robot that is able to make it to Lunar Base L4, pick up the flight commander and bring him or her to the M5 base on Mars.  It is so fun and stressful to play with robots!

Week 3 (July 12 to 16, 2021)

Theme of the Week:  Pirates

Science Theme:  Geology, Archeology and Paleontology

Homo sapiens, Neanderthal Man, do you know what lies beneath our feet? Do you know the theory of evolution? Your geologists and archaeologists will grab their shovels to discover the treasures hidden in the upper layers of the earth’s crust. They will find mysterious earthworms that formed the humus layer, then 450-million-year-old fossils and lastly rocks such as basalt and granite or metals like gold and copper! Now that’s in-depth knowledge!

Workshop: Underground Life, Rocks and Minerals, Fossils and Dinosaurs

Invited Activity: Martial Arts (children ages 4 to 6) and Bubble Soccer (children ages 7 to 12)

Programming Theme Ages 4-5: Quadrathlon Challenge with Blue-Bot®

Programming Theme Ages 6-8: Quadrathlon Challenge with SCRATCH

Programming Theme Ages 9-12: Quadrathlon Challenge with PYTHON

Welcome to Quadrathlon, an electrifying competition involving four challenges in one! Using a digital tablet (for children ages 4 to 8) or a computer (for children ages 9 to 12), they will have to complete all the challenges in the program in one go and, of course, without outside help! This way, all programming abilities will be evaluated, i.e. strength, endurance, precision and agility. Are you ready to design a game that can handle this colossal challenge? If so, then all we can say is: On your marks, get set… Go!

Week 4 (July 19 to 23, 2021)

Theme of the Week:  Hawaiian

Science Theme:  Biology (Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology)

For this theme you will become a Botanist, Biologist and even an Oceanologist or a forest explorer for the week. You will discover what lies beneath the ground, in the seabed, the types of plants that grow, the insects and all unknown species belonging to the forest and the oceans that surround us. You can even plant your seeds in our mini-greenhouse and if you succeed at finding a prehistoric insect you can put it in our insectarium. A fun week that will make you sprout new knowledge!

Workshop: Insects, Marine Animals, Plants, Trees, Flowers, The five senses and the sea and Recycling

Important information: Use of elements that may include allergens (seaweed, crab, lobster, shrimp, fish, snail)

Theme of the Friday Show: In the Footsteps of Great Inventors.

The next Albert Einstein may be hiding among your young scientists! Let’s meet these great figures that changed humanity through an interactive show, highlighting some of their famous discoveries. On the schedule, we have static electricity with Robert Van de Graaff and his generator, electric circuits with the capacitors of Pieter van Musschenbroek, lasers with Richard Gordon Gould, chemical reactions using peroxide with Thénard and acids with Sorensen: hair standing up on end, exploding balls, sparks and elephant toothpaste are sure to impress your youngsters who will assist us in all our science experiments. A perfect blend of science and fun that is sure to dazzle you!

Robotics Theme: Robosport

On July 23, 2021, the Olympic Flame will make its debut at the Games in Tokyo, Japan. This major sports event promises to be innovative, due to the large number of robots that will come to life during the week of competition. They will be involved in welcoming visitors and will be responsible for guiding and advising them. In order to make these games memorable, the hosts ask you to invent a new Olympic sport, one in which your robot will participate! This can be a winter, summer, spring or fall sport! Your team must design a robot that is able to play a new Olympic sport. You also have to build the accessories necessary for this sport! Will it be a strength sport? An endurance sport? Or a precision event? It’s all up to your imagination!

Week 5 (July 26 to 30, 2021)

Theme of the Week: Merry Christmas!

Science Theme:  Climatology and Environment

A weather and climate challenge awaits you! During this week you will not only have to help our planet improve, but you will be able to tell the difference between an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a tsunami, a flood and much more. In fact, this week is your chance to understand weather forecasts and forecast the weather during a morning newscast activity. And finally, don’t forget that you will be able to create your own volcanic eruption or even your own flood, all in a safe manner.

Workshop: Wind Cannons, Natural Disasters, Water Cycle, Air, Climates & Seasons and the St. Lawrence River.

Important information: Use of elements that may include allergens (anise, coffee beans, cinnamon, coconut, pepper, clove, sesame seeds, vanilla, cacao, sunflower seed and cumin).

Invited Activity: Zumba for Kids (all age groups)

Robotics Theme: Rising Water

Rising water is dangerously increasing pressure on the dikes that protect an area below sea level. The warning system just alerted you that water is leaking from two dikes that threaten to collapse. Your robot is parachuted into the area to fix the problems. This year, the Senior Mission is to design a robot that will need to locate the dikes’ weaknesses, find material to build reinforcement walls, install sandbags to protect houses, and notify their occupants that they have to evacuate.

Week 6 (August 2 to 6, 2021)

Theme of the Week:  Halloween

Science Theme:  Chemists, to Your Lab Coats!

Did you say Chemistry… Chemistry is actually all around you.  It is in your food, in your body, in feed and much more. This week you won’t just become a chemist, you’ll become an alchemist. You always knew that magic potions existed and that you could prove it! This week is your chance to come and prove it to us. From Marie Curie to Eunice Newton Foote, not to mention Louis Pasteur and Amadeo Avogadro, put on your lab coat to test chemical compounds and study their reactions.

Workshop: Chemical Compounds in the Laboratory, Dry Ice, Creating Magic Potions, State of Matter and Their Transitions, Slime (Glue) and Tasting.

Theme of the Friday Show: Halloween! The Science of Fear…

All aboard!

Bringing science and a Halloween show together is what we you are offering through this interactive, exceptional 60-minute activity! Creating decor worthy of a haunted house with sound and lighting, a pirate will welcome you and show you an incredible time with amazing science experiments that your young buccaneers will assist with; hair standing up on end using the Van de Graaff generator, smoking potions using dry ice, our giant flying eye, capacitor explosions and our grand finale of making elephant toothpaste and smoking “Gummy Bears”. Science has no limits!

Programming Theme Ages 4-5: Binary Formula Challenge with Blue-Bot®

Programming Theme Ages 6-8: Binary Formula Challenge with SCRATCH

Programming Theme Ages 9-12: Binary Formula Challenge with SCRATCH

Canada has its Formula 01001 event this summer and many young people like you are getting involved, either as a driver or as an engineer on a team. The racing teams need your creativity to make the cars faster, more reliable and safer with new technologies, new materials and new ideas.

To get you ready, here is Formula 01001. You now have your own racing team and you have to get ready to face other cars on a big virtual circuit.

Week 7 (August 9 to 13, 2021)

Theme of the Week: Pyjama Party

Science Theme:  Electricity and Magnetism

All the mysteries of electricity will finally be revealed to you! You will be able to uncover the secrets of magnetism by understanding how the magnetic fields of the Northern Lights work. You will learn how to tell the difference between series and parallel circuits. Your parents will be impressed by what you’ve created! Have you always wanted to understand how a compass works or how magnets attract each other so quickly? If the answer is yes, definitely don’t miss this week!

Workshop: Electric Circuits, Dynamo, Construction of an Electric, Electronic Game, Electrolysis & Electric Batteries and Electromagnetism.

Invited Activity: Running and Psychomotor Skills (children ages 4 to 6) and Katag, Big Game of “TAG” (children ages 7 to 12)

Robotics Theme: Hockeybot 2021

You will have to program robots that allow you to play field hockey as a team. Profaqua will send its best goalies. The objective is to score goals in the opponent’s net by throwing the puck into it. The robots must move around the surface to retrieve the puck, make passes and shoot the puck into the goal. Robots may occasionally come into contact with each other. However, the contact must not be a deliberate attempt to hit the opposing player. If this happens, a penalty will be awarded. Robots must move the puck by handling it with the stick. Shots will be taken if there is a tie after the three regulation periods. Players will be remote-controlled for the game, but must be autonomous during the skill contest. This event is not to be missed!

Week 8 (August 16 to 20, 2021)

Theme of the Week:  Spies and Mysteries

Science Theme:  Investigation Uncovering the Legend of the Week of Celebrations at Profaqua Camp

It’s party time at camp every day of the week! During this week, there will be science everywhere, even among spies! You’ll have the opportunity to sneak through laser beams and investigate a strange disappearance… Do you have what it takes to become a Profaqua Certified Spy without being spotted? Every day you will have the opportunity to enjoy different festive activities so that you can have a good time before going back to school. Your favourite team of animators will make your last week unforgettable, memorable and breathtaking. There will even be surprises and gifts during this final week. You certainly don’t want to miss it!

Workshop: Festive Workshops, Surprises, Gifts, Lights & Lasers, Chemical Reactions, Espionage School and a Great Escape!

Important information: Use of elements that may include allergens (Party cake for friday)

Theme of the Friday Show: A Great Awesome! (Quiz)

The animators repeat experiments. Together, they must unravel the mysterious experiments and name a winning team.

Robotics Theme: Greco-Roman Wrestling and 2 Meter Hurdles

Since 1896, Greco-Roman wrestling has been part of the Olympic Games. The objective: To hold your opponent on the ground, to knock him down or even to take him out of the competition area! Various points are obtained according to the attack delivered to the opponent. Your mission: To program a robot wrestler that can knock down his opponent and get him out of the competition area. This will be followed up later in the week with the shortest hurdle race ever. Barely two metres to cover as quickly as possible with three hurdles to overcome. Will you be able to rise to this challenge? May the fastest win!

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